Garth Brooks for President, Maybe Someday!

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“Garth Brooks for President” may possibly be a bumper sticker in the future. Garth isn’t saying for sure that he would like to be president, but he is interested in politics. Currently Garth isn’t on the road or recording new music. He has decided to stick close to home until his youngest child finishes high school in the year 2014.

When asked about a political future, he responded, “Yeah, sure! Everyone who’s ever been an employer or a boss is basically leading people. So the thought of leading people doesn’t scare me,” he tells Robin Leach, who spoke with him for the publication. “What scares me is that our system is 200 years old, one of the youngest systems on the planet, and our system is the best system out there.” Garth Brooks for President, would you vote for him?

Garth BrooksGarth is an entertainer, and a political figure needs to be able to entertain. He is quite an amazing singer, and a political figure needs to sing on occasion. Garth has a huge fan base, and a political figure needs fans also. Maybe this isn’t such a pipe-dream after all.

Maybe Garth will start out small, perhaps Mayor of his town to get some political experience. He can work his way up quickly; he’s a fast learner! Of course, the White House closets might need a revamping to hold all of his cowboy boots and hats!

While Garth Brooks for President may be just a pipe dream, how bad could he be? He likes people, and when he does something, he gives it his all. If Garth Brooks for President ever came true, then his lively wife Trisha Yearwood would be First Lady. What beautiful music would be coming out of the White House if that should happen!

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