Gary Busey Disses ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Teammates

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Gary Busey has lots to say about his former teammates on Celebrity Apprentice. After hearing those infamous words from Donald Trump–you’re fired–on Sunday, he’s on a dissing tirade, with Meat Loaf at the top of his hit list.

According to a report from Popeater, Busey ranted to Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show about his experience on Celebrity Apprentice. His first hit? Team Backbone.

“But they turned out to be not Backbone,” he said. “[But], backstabbers. When you see Lil John, John Rich and Meat Loaf, you know somewhere there’s three villages missing their idiots.”

Really? Gary Busey is calling other people idiots? Has he watched any clips from his own experience on Celebrity Apprentice? The fact that he was only fired this past week has viewers wondering if Donald Trump is so affixed with his notion of running for president that he’s letting his reality TV responsibilities slide.

Busey talked about teammate Meat Loaf with great disdain. Of his ‘art-supply screaming rampage’ he admitted to “laughing at him inside, but I was feeling sorry for him in my eyes.”

Um, okay.

Gary Busey will return to Celebrity Apprentice for the May 22 finale. His teammates might want to ramp up security, because it’s pretty clear that he’s a completely loose cannon.

“I’m gonna go back like a heat-seeking missile,” he said. “Nobody should get in my way unless they mean it.”

Team Backbone probably should heed the warning. Gary Busey gives new meaning to to term ‘nut case.’

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