Gary Busey’s Little Boy Hospitalized

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Gary Busey was fired from Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, but his main concern at the moment is his 1-year-old son. The boy is presently hospitalized in Los Angeles.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Luke Busey is being treated at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for what is being called “childhood illnesses.” No further details have been released to the press.

Gary Busey did release a statement via his publicist, however, about his appreciation for the support he and his fiancee have received since his son’s illness.

“‘Gary is very grateful to his fans for their love and support,’ the publicist says. ‘Steffanie and Gary thank everyone for their get well prayers for Luke.'”

There’s nothing more frightening than having a child who is ill and hospitalized. Unlike adults, children of this age can’t say what hurts or feels bad, so parents are left worrying and wondering if the child feels sick or is in pain.

Gary J Busey (twitter)Hopefully whatever “childhood illnesses” have afflicted Gary Busey’s son, it will be a short-lived episode that leaves no lasting health impact. Regardless of what people think of his father, certainly no one wishes little Luke Busey ill.

Perhaps there is one thing a tiny bit scarier than Gary Busey having a son in the hospital, and while this may sound crass–you have to admit it’s crossed your mind, too. It’s scary thinking that someone like Gary Busey has procreated, and what that could possibly mean to reality shows and possible Celebrity Apprentice contestants in the future.

In all seriousness–everyone wishes little Luke Busey a speedy and full recovery.

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