Gary Head Responds To Last Night’s ‘Teen Mom’, Says Jenelle Beat Him

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The story on the street is that Gary Head beat up and strangled Jenelle Evans, leaving her in a horrible amount of pain. Fans got to witness the aftermath of their fight on Teen Mom 2, but never actually saw the fight happen, since the cameras were obviously not there to capture it. Therefore, they have to form their own opinions solely on what they saw, but Gary has a completely different version.

“Just to set the record strait. I NEVER beat jenelle,” Gary tweeted. “If slamming some1 on a memoryfoam mattress after getting beat is beating then arrest me.”

Gary’s justification for shoving Jenelle was the fact that she hit him first and he claimed that Jenelle punched him awake.

“I was in a dead sleep when she went threw my phone. I woke up to getting punched in the face,” Gary continued.

Whether Gary strangled or beat Jenelle or not, he still admitted to putting his hands on her and shoving her down, which is never okay. If Jenelle really did punch him, he should have just walked out before the cops got involved. In a domestic violence case, if the woman appears to be as distraught as Jenelle was, police will most likely take the woman’s side, leaving the man in a lot of trouble. Gary being a marine at the time should have been responsible and smart enough to leave the situation the moment that he was hit. Unless, he really wasn’t.

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