Gary Johnson Explains How to End the Two-Party System for Good

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Gary Johnson rolled out a powerful new message in his campaign: all he needs is 5% of the vote to win monumental victory and end the two-party system that is running the country. How would this end the stranglehold Republicans and Democrats have on the American people? By giving the Libertarian Party major party status, thereby getting the Libertarian candidate on the ballot and also a cool $90 million in funding for the 2016 campaign. All it takes is 5% of the vote to gain major party status. The former governor of New Mexico tweeted yesterday: “5% ends the two-party system & allows Libertarian candidates equal ballot access.”

Johnson blames the two major parties who rule the nation for “the perpetual wars” and for bankrupting, over-taxing and over-spending. More than 5% of Americans agree with Johnson on these issues, but they do not see him as a serious candidate or his Libertarian party as a serious party. Many liberty-loving people will not vote for Gary Johnson for the simple reason that they believe it would be a wasted vote. That is why he is screaming this message to voters: 5% is all he needs to really win. Johnson will not be president in 2012; he might very likely be president in 2016 if he can garner just 5% of the vote in this election. Gaining major party status would be bigger than this election or even the next one; it would “end the two-party system in American for good” according to Governor Johnson. In his newest ad “Be the 5 Percent,” Johnson challenges voters to “cast a protest vote that counts” by voting for him as president.

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