Gary Johnson Tackles Zombies in His Bid For the Presidency

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Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has been campaigning in New Hampshire as part of a nationwide college tour to make his presence and policies known as a presidential nominee this election. His campaign thus far hasn’t been particularly fancy using personal appearances, twitter bombs and other low-budget techniques. If it will be enough for Johnson to make a good showing in the election remains to be seen.

Johnson supporters in the Granite State concocted a new plan to get the Libertarian ‘Live Free’ message out. Since Johnson has a good deal of appeal for young voters with his vow to bring less government and legalize medical marijuana, it’s a plan that may well sway some more voters his way in an election where few people are entirely pleased with the Republican and Democratic nominees.

Members of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party convinced Gary Johnson to participate in an internet ad that features Johnson going toe to toe with zombie Republicans and Democrats in the hope that the video will go viral. Considering the Johnson campaign isn’t getting mega bucks in donations, it’s not a bad idea. Even if his campaign ultimately flops, at least he had a little fun along the way.

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