Gary Shirley Gets a Job

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Gary Shirley recently revealed his dream of opening a restaurant and while some fans took it as a jab to his Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham, he was serious and while that may be a long-term project, he’s getting a head start by joining the business of cooking now.

“Right now that bad boy is soaking in a special brine,” Gary wrote on his Twitter account late last night. “I’m a phenomenal cook and I’m about to start catering. Got my first client. Yay.” He’s confident and that should take him a long way.

It’s great to see Gary going out and getting a job. He had been having trouble for a while and since his daughter’s mother is now behind bars, he’s been a bit distracted—and busy. Catering is the perfect job for him since he’ll be able to cook at home and take little Leah with him on deliveries.

Good for Gary for finding a great career and something he enjoys! For more of Gary Shirley, follow him on Twitter.

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