Gary Shirley Wants to Open a Restaurant

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Gary Shirley has been having a hard time raising his three-year-old daughter all alone since Teen Mom star Amber Portwood entered into prison to serve her five-year sentence. Now that he’s had a few months to reflect on his new role as a single dad, he’s got an idea of how to set himself up to be financially stable—but it’s going to take work.

Now that Gary Shirley’s stint on Teen Mom has ended, he’s thinking of better ways to support himself and he has a great idea. He wants to open his own restaurant!

“Fact: I absolutely love to cook. I’m very good at it. Get it from my mama obviously. I will own my own restaurant soon,” he tweeted to fans, adding, “Good part is I have my own recipes and I don’t need school to tell me how to cook.”

Gary’s idea sounds like something that could really work—but he’ll need plenty of help. Opening a restaurant will be a feat but once he gets going, Gary could very well be a great success, so good luck to him!

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