Gates Foundation Donates $1-M to Fight Polio in Congo

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The Gates Foundation has donated $1-M to fight polio in the Congo. The organization, co-founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, gave a grant to UNICEF which is working with the WHO to control the recent polio outbreak in the region.

Right now, authorities believe that the crippling disease spread to the Congo from Angola. It has been over 10 years since there has been a serious outbreak of the disease. Unfortunately, this disease was “re-imported” to the area from India.

There has been a massive global effort to wipe out polio, but there are still many cases of it in Nigeria and India despite the large strides those countries have made in fighting it. Unfortunately, this means that polio is a threat everywhere.

The Gates Foundation grant will hopefully help lead to a worldwide eradication of polio which will continue being a gift for children forever. The $1-M has likely been well spent in this worthy fight.

Gates Foundation Donates $1M to Fight Polio in Congo

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