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I found Gather in November of 2006 I was Christmas shopping on and they had a writing contest for an essay of not longer than 5000 words, and I decided to try it. I wrote a piece, On My Own at Eighty, because my husband had passed away the September before, and I had left my Mother’s home to live with my husband , so never really had been alone or lived alone before. I was not alone really, I was raising my daughter Tracey’s son Billy, after she passed away in 2003, I was 76 and my husband 77, parents again at that age to a troubled boy as he was in her accident and suffered from PTSD. I never dreamed I would lose my husband just three years later, so there I had my story.


I remember maybe three or four people read it, and then they gave you a number, and I got tens  and I thought, wow this must be good. I sent it to my children, I had three sons all older than her, and they said Mom, you didn’t say enough about Dad, so I wrote Fond Memories of Bill, more tens. So then I began doing prompts, I made friends, Gather became my place to go. I truly believe it saved my sanity. I have written about my grief, my happiness, my joy and my sadness. I began writing poetry and liked it and almost always do that now.

I never dreamed that four years after losing my husband I would lose my oldest son who was living with me. My family was cut in half in seven years. My friends supported me and prayed with me and for me, and I did the same for them. I have so many really good friends that I feel I know as if they were next door all my life. One in particular, last April after I had come home from being in Rehab for my broken femur, came all the way from Tacoma , Washington to spend just a few hours with me. Some how years before we had connected as though she were my daughter. She said Tracey had sent her to me, I do believe that. She has helped Billy through some troubling times, and when she came, my second son came and stayed to meet her, and we sat up all night. So, I have family in Washington. I have friends all over the world, and one in Arizona, is going to help me publish my poems which we are working on now. If nothing else I can have a book for my ever growing great grandchildren. I think I am expecting the 13 th of those, this October, my oldest sons third grandchild, none of whom he lived to see. I am so fortunate to be seeing all this growing of the family that came from the love of my husband and I. I am an open book on Gather, knew what I wrote would be accepted by my friends here no matter how many times I repeated the stories.

I am one of the people  who  believes  in Miracles and tripping over them, as I did in finding Gather, and I hope the new owners, find out what a Miracle site they have acquired and keep it going.

So I say Thank you Gather, for not letting me be alone, giving me friends, a place to do something I never have done before and keep growing. I am now eighty seven years old  and except for aches and pains, that come with age, I seem to survive remarkably and feel God is watching over me, Perhaps he made Gather just for me, smiling now, but sometimes, how I feel.

God Bless all my Gather Friends, you know what I am going to say next don’t you, it is,

I love you, Elsie




he challenge for ThursdayMarch 6,2014 is to create a post expressing Thank you to Gather.


For this week I will limit rules/guidelines to just a few. There is only two rules this week. The first rule to remember is to include the word “Thank you Gather”3/6/2014″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 3/6/14, Thank you Gather.

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