Gather Brings Security Risk to EVERY Member

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If you sign into Gather, have you noticed? Gather ignored 'best practices' of industry. They changed how we log in. Not much looks different does it?

Well take a look at this:






They changed it so this option is automatically chosen. I didn't take notice to this until I had closed an internet window and continued to do something else…only to come back to the internet later, and still be logged in.

If you access Gather on a shared computer, or if your computer can be accessed by others, you must now UNCHECK this option each time you sign in, or remember to sign out after each session. Should you forget, other computer users would have access to your account on Gather, regardless of you shutting down the computer or not. You will still be signed in.

Millions of other sites that require a log in make this feature an option you must select. Gather is different. They now make it an option you must deselect everytime.

If you view Gather on a public computer without unchecking it, and without signing out afterwards, all your private account information is free for the taking from anyone else who uses that computer.

Your name, your address, your points, password, email and private articles can all be accessed, stolen, and changed if you don't uncheck that option before you log in, or if you perhaps forget to sign out before you close that window.

Why weren't we notified???

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