Gather.Com Sucks

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I’ve decided that Gather sucks.

Why?  Because for a site where people are supposed to enjoy reading and gather to read things…no one is reading.  Those who are reading are ingesting the same tripe that can be found at any gossip site almost anywhere.  The “articles” on Gather with the most readers?  Same thing I see Perez Hilton posting or read over at any blab rag site.

Want hundreds of people to read your writing on Gather?  Make it about Kim Kardashian.  Or say something controversial about Obama.  But if you don’t write strictly with an eye on “gotcha” self-promotion, Gather just plain sucks.

Numerous times, after posting articles that do extremely well at other blog sites, I’ve been saddened to see my writing get four views.  Maybe seven.  These are the same posts racking up tons of readers and comments after I post them somewhere other than Gather. So, it’s not like the content is somehow diluted, nor is it that my articles are not interesting, not topical, or not well-written.  Nope, it’s just doing better in a location other than Gather.

Besides that, Gather isn’t the easiest place to post blogs or articles.  In the time it takes to post and fine the right group (usually full of people who haven’t been to those groups in months or years) I could post the same article in three other places somewhere else on the web.

So, thanks for the literally handful of readers Gather.  But I could have gotten that by printing out my blog and tossing it onto the street below my apartment as people walk by.


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