Gather Family…Take a walk with me today and help me name a puppy 1-13-12

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Late getting here tonight, a project of a unwanted Boston Terrier Poodle mix came to my attention at work today…and kept me on the hunt to find this pup. I have him, and let me tell you he is the ugliest puppy I have ever seen in my whole life, he has no hair accept on his head which looks like a Mohawk, some hair on his feet, and the tip of his tail.

He is 6 weeks old, he was at the humane society, and he needed a home. My heart was open, and the thought of him being there scared me. A customer came though my line, and told me about this homely looking pup, and he was so ugly he was cute…and this was his last day. And we all know what that means.

Brushing it off, because truly I have enough mouths to feed, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I got off work, and went to the humane society, and even though he wasn’t old enough to be fixed, they wanted an arm and a leg to adopt him… With a promise that I would do so, I wanted to see him first. OMG I was in love, this little homely looking creature took my heart.

They wanted 75.00 dollars to adopt him, seriously that is half of what I make in a week at work; this also included a promise that I would have him fixed. No money, No time, called my father…He quickly told me the last thing I needed was another dog to feed. But he also said he would be right there. Smiles crossed my heart.

I stood in the door way holding this small creature looking in to his Boston terrier eyes, and his hairless body. As my father arrived, he took one look at him, and agreed he needed to be with me. He paid his fine, and told me to take him home and put some clothes on him.

It was the coldest day we have had in a while here, 19 degrees. On the ride home, he cuddled close to my heart inside my winter coat…

At home I wasn’t sure Tommy my beloved Boston terrier would take to him he seemed to jump for joy that he wasn’t alone in the house with a bunch of cats anymore. He has taken to him in just a few minutes….he checked him out, decided he was okay.

But as all my friends here know my pets have wonderful names, but I am clearly stumped on this one…

So it is out there for you to help…to name my new pet family member.

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