Gather Member Waves the Bloody Shirt

A Gather member has recently adopted as his icon a poster like image that harks back to the Reconstruction era of US politics.  For years the “bloody shirt” was a mainstay of the Republican Party.  When all else failed they could always remind people that the Democrats were the party of the South with the implication that northern Democrats were disloyal during the Civil War.

I’m ambivalent here.  My history major side says “Gosh, somebody paid attention in high school at least some of the time.  That’s pretty darned amazing.  I hope it’s irony.”  The rest of me says “This guy is being a provocateur.  He’s appealing to the basest aspects of human nature.  I wonder if he’s doing it just for fun?”

His previous icon was crossed Confederate flags.  I leave it to the reader to reconcile the two.

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