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Spring is in full force across America and that means a new beginning for the earth as new growth and color fill our world.  It is also a great time to get our writing juices flowing again.  At the Gather Writing Essential group, we  have some wonderful editors who are posting prompts that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Following are the current prompts as of today.  I challenge you to check them out and submit your responses for the ones you feel comfortable with.  I think you will be surprised at the support you will find in the group. Have fun!



Everyone it seems want to sell us something. Some try to sell us their world view, some try to sell themselves, some just want to sell us stuff. I’ve seen a lot of all these things on Gather. Well, today only, I offer a discounted opinion. It is all about stuff and I know you will like it. Click now and save -> Monday Writing Essential – May 7, 2012: Such a Deal



 I couldn’t find a current prompt for Tuesday. Sorry about that.



Hi all. I sure hope you enjoy this prompt. I could be used as a fun roast and it’s here



Thursday’s Writing Essentials- Views We See On Our Journeys



The prompt for this week is a freestyle type one, with a couple of conditions. Come check it out here!



Lot of stuff going on this month — maybe we should explore the month of May this week. Take a look at my column and let me know what you think.

SatWE Challenge



The club is open and you’re on the guest list! This week’s Sunday Writing Essential column includes references to the Second Coming, the Rolling Stones, Easy Rider, astronaut diaries, and wallpaper! Curious? Click here!



Now I would like share a bit about each of the editors.


Sunday Editor - Doug Westberg

Doug is a Vancouver, Washington, writer, poet, songwriter and recording artist. His Gather group, is dedicated to giving folks struggling with depression and related issues a creative outlet. His humor book The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom is published by Chipmunka Publishers, London. His poetry volume The Caterpillar is forthcoming from Chipmunka. He has also completed a book of stories and a teen fantasy novel. He recently married Carol, his partner and muse of 15 years, and has 4 grown children.

Monday Editor – Greg Schiller

Greg is a civil servant by day and a servant to an uncivil cat by night. Whenever possible, he flees to his home in the woods, outside the little Minnesota town of Almost Iowa. His hobbies include juggling chain-saws and writing humor.

Tuesday Editor – Phillip DeNise

Phillip is from Atlanta Georgia. He has worked as a stage-hand for 40 years. He is now retired and pursuing the need to write. He received his education in college without a degree. He is has been married many times but only to one lady at a time. He likes cats, fishing, dabbling in watercolors and probably a beach person as opposed to the mountains.

Wednesday Editor – Pam Brittain

Pam’s professional background is in the real estate foreclosure industry. She helped form the industry’s association, was a lobbyist, acted as an expert witness in a large lawsuit and really dislikes politics. She is the major stockholder and operator of her company which was formed in 1997.

She is a new writer with her personal life as her teacher. Writing has become her passion and she looks forward to learning more and improving her work through Gather.

Thursday Editor – Kevin Ewing


Kevin has been married almost 30 years, is a father of four and a special educator. He is also the author of “In The Midst Of Heroes”. He has two more books that will be published in March, “Heroes In Blue Jeans”and”Footsteps on Moon Sand Beach.” The Hero books are collections of stories about heroes in our families, neighborhoods, work environment and farms. This is a book that shares the accounts of people who are faced with difficult decisions and how they look at possible outcomes before making the best possible choice.

Friday Editor – Andrea Pearson

Andrea recently published her first book, The Key of Kilenya, (first in a series of six) and is currently working on the next book in that series, The Ember Gods. She’s an avid hiker, painter, and piano player. She and her husband (AKA Mr. Darcy) were married only a few months ago, and have settled near a river that will someday probably overflow and flood their

Saturday Editor – Len Maxwell

Len was 40 before he figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up – a writer. For 20 years he has written for national and regional magazines, journals, and newspapers. For the past few years he has been working as an editor for Internet sites, a literary agency, and two publishing houses. He now writes for fun and spends as much time as possible in the desert.

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