Gather Writing Essentials (TWE) – The Chicken Farm

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CHALLENGE:Write a Virgil Flowers tale[you can find more about Virgil looking at some reviews; or you can invent a Virgil-style character more suited to your own surrounding countryside]; let the dialog do the heavy lifting; the conversation depicting the character, the surroundings & local attitudes. Your article doesn’t have to be long; just long enough to make me love your Virgil. I don’t mean to discourage any longer pieces by this; in fact, take as long as you need, as long as you are having fun with it. Just get Virgil Flowers into your title, & I’ll keep looking; keep reading! Tag it Tuesday Writing Challenge & publish to GWE. HAVE FUN!


Virgil Flowers, responding to a 911 call and yelled back at his deputy, Puce, “Don’t let those gull durn aardvarks out.”

The call was from one of the girls at the ‘Chicken Farm’, which caused reason for Virgil’s distress. Those girls needed protection and he was in a hurry to give it to them.

But, alas, he was helpless. His gun wouldn’t penetrate the armor of the armadillos that were eating chicken legs.

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