Gay Activist, Ceara Sturgis, Banned From Highschool Yearbook! [VIDEO]

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Ceara Sturgis says that if you ask who she is exactly, she will tell you she is a proud 18 year-old gay woman who definitely doesn’t like to be pushed around. Ceara Sturgis was left out of the Wesson High School yearbook in October simply because she was different and had taken her yearbook picture in a tux. The principal and his executives had already made up their minds even before talking to Ceara’s mother.

Ceara had recently taken the photo in a dress, but was very uncomfortable and upset about it, until her caring mother suggested she take the photo in a tuxedo. Ceara was much more comfortable with that suggestion.

Sturgis states that not being in the yearbook makes her “sad” and it’s definitely not fair that she has been left out of standing for her rights when it won’t hurt anyone.

Personally, I think Ceara is trying to get publicity. Yes, the subject may be touching to her and I’m sure she is upset that her picture was not in her graduation yearbook, but when she graduates it’s not really going to matter anymore.

On the bright side of Ceara’s troubles she is a role model to other gay youth activists out there, and she encourages them to stand up for their rights. She may not have had a picture of her in a tuxedo in the yearbook, however, she was able to go to prom in one.

Ceara is thinking of suing her school in Wesson, Mississippi, not for her own glory, but for other gay youth in her state.

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