Gay Bullying and Suicide, Frequent in Michele Bachmann’s District

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Several cases of student suicide in Michele Bachmann’s MN district have been blamed on anti-gay policies. At least that’s what Rolling Stone magazine seems to think of the Anoka-Hennepin School District — Bachmann’s graduating school. While she was campaigning with her silly “pray the gay away” policies (which failed by the way) another far-out anti-gay politician was in the same district running on the same crazy ideals.

Anoka High School in Minnesota, which is the alma mater of Michele Bachmann, is at the heart of a anti-gay-bullying debate because of their discriminatory policies

With nine students committing suicide in a two-year period, it’s obvious that there is a problem in this region. It’s reported that all of the students who have taken their own lives were either gay or believed to be gay by their classmates who bullied them relentlessly.

In the year 2012, it’s shameful to see human beings behave this way and it’s the fault of aged politicians who use their ancient bigotries and closed-minded ignorance to brainwash younger generations into believing the same idiocy. It’s because of this nonsense that children are bullying others to the point of suicide and it needs to stop. That’s why this cess pool of a school district is being investigated by the government for violations of civil rights — here’s to putting a stop to the ignorance and bigotry against gays, and all other human beings.

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