Gay Marriage at Supreme Court Because of ‘Will And Grace’?!

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Where did gays get the crazy idea that they should be able to marry? Rick Santorum provides the answer. “One program on television. And that was Will and Grace,” said Santorum at CPAC 2013. So, Republicans actually believe that a sitcom with one gay character, on the air a decade ago, introduced all the homosexuals in the United States to the term “gay marriage”? Not Ellen? She’s a homosexual, after all, that had a sitcom ending as Will and Grace was beginning. And, she’s actually “gay married” in the state of California, before they banned it.

Well, congratulations Sean Hayes. You are the man responsible for this disruption. Santorum probably didn’t name you specifically because it might be against his religion to speak the name of a gay. It says so in the Bible, doesn’t it? “Thou shalt not speak the name of a gay. It is an abomination.” Which begs the question, are there levels of abomination? It would appear that “thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” is super-duper more abominable than “whatever has no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination to you.”

In the video clip below, one man being interviewed by The Tea Party Report’s Susie Sampson has an accurate response, “I think he’s insane and I believe very strongly in the Republican Party. I really think he’s a disgrace to the party and shameful. And so is Michelle Bachmann, let’s just throw that in.”

In all fairness, Rick Santorum is so irrelevant these days that he virtually had to say something insane just to get some airtime in the media. Congratulations, Ricky. The media and this author are once again, discussing your sanity. Bringing home a dead baby and then attributing a violation of the U.S. Constitution to a television show….not looking good for you, Ricky.

If gay marriage is legal in one state, it is legal in all. That is guaranteed under the Comity Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Allowing it in one and banning it in another is unconstitutional.

Rick Santorum by Gage Skidmore 5DOMA is also unconstitutional. It has already been ruled unconstitutional by the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the First Circuit Court of Appeals. The U.S. Supreme Court would be as insane as Rick Santorum if they do not rule the same.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/Cage Skidmore

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