Gay Marriage: Let the People Vote

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Gay marriage is a hot topic and appears in a leading news story at least once a week as of late. What’s the big deal and why are politicians so anti-gay? Should politicians even be discussing a vote on a person’s right to marry?

A recent Associated Press article states that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has vowed to veto any such legislation landing on his desk. The article also mentions Christie’s religion, Catholic. Is this important? The Catholic Church does not recognize same-sex relationships, and does not “allow” abortion or contraception. The Catholic Church goes so far as to say that pornography leads to more abortions.

The AP article also states that polling indicates that most people support same-sex marriage. A Gallup poll from 2011 showed a majority of Americans support gay marriage and a recent Quinnipiac poll in New Jersey showed a 52 percent favorable rating. If the polls are correct, why not give the people of the United States the privilege and the privacy to step into a voting booth and vote their conscience? Is it because the ultra-conservative right-wing religious politicians will be proved wrong? America really does support same-sex partnerships and heterosexuals are in no way threatened by allowing them to marry?

Even the devil himself, Dick Cheney, has spoken publicly in support of gay rights since he’s been out of office. And Laura Bush even revealed her support for gays in a 2010 Larry King interview.

Gay Marriage and Democracy: Equality for All

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