Gay Marriage Poll: More Independent Voters Shows Support

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A poll conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that gay marriage is becoming more widely accepted among independent voters. An 8 percent point increase in approval since 2009, this is a small win for human rights and supporters of gay marriage.

According to the poll, 51 percent of independent voters are in favor of supporting gay rights and equality in marriage laws. Overall, the poll concluded that only 46 percent of potential voters are against allowing gays the right to marry.

The poll not only concluded that the nation’s acceptance of gay rights is improving slightly, so is the national outlook on our government. In fact, 51 percent of the people polled by Pew Research Center are in favor of President Barack Obama’s policies and administration.

With recent bills coming to debate in congress such as the Maryland gay marriage issue as well as the recent blocking of an offensive law in Wyoming, this sweetens the pot for people who are aiming for a better future for America.

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