Gay Mormon Commits Suicide after Excommunication

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A gay mormon was excommunicated from the Mormon church, only to commit suicide later. Bryan Michael Egnew spent many of his 40 years of life hiding the fact that he was a homosexual. He finally grew the courage to speak out about his sexual orientation.

Sources report that Egnew finally found courage to tell his family that he was gay. The results of his courage resulted in a tragic backlash that ruined the man’s life and literally exposed the seething hatred shared by these scrutinizing individuals. His wife immediately packed up their children and left, instead of at the least being understanding of this man’s years-long struggles. She fled to Tennessee and refused to let the man see his children, whom he loved dearly.

In addition to this horrible act of heartlessness, his own family turned their backs on him. His parents cut ties with their gay son, and his church immediately excommunicated him.

Bryan Michael Egnew committed suicide this month, and his family members have scrubbed his Facebook profile clean of the comments made about how he was treated for coming out as a homosexual. This was a final act of cruelty of someone who found the courage to come out as being who he is on the inside.


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