Gay ‘Rainbow Flag’ Hoisted At U.S. Afghan Base?

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The Pentagon is authenticating photos showing a “gay pride rainbow flag” being flown above a forward operating base in Afghanistan.

If the snaps are real, the morons behind this stunt should be booted from the military right away. The incident may have been the handiwork of a provocateur, or an attention-starved gay man or woman.

“We have not been able to verify the photograph as of yet to determine who or where these pictures were taken,” said Army Lt. Col. Jimmie E. Cummings Jr.

Apparently, each military installation conforms to the whims of its commander, and there are no specific rules precluding someone from flying a rainbow flag. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, the Pentagon needs to verify when and where the photos were shot. Any Photoshop novice can fake pictures like these.

The rainbow flag, or “gay pride flag,” images were posted to a Facebook group titled “Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook,” before being spread around the Internet.

Afghan Muslims strongly oppose homosexuality, and the practice is often punished with prison terms or death. What kind of message does a stunt like this send? Only Old Glory should be flown above military bases.

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