Gays Attack Rick Warren over Suicide of Son – SHAMEFUL!!!

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PLEASE READ this link: If you want to see the TRUE side of the gay community, read the article from the following link -



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The militant gay community [on Gather] who like to rip me apart when I speak out in compassion and love regarding the fact that holding to, and actively practicing the sinful acts of homosexuality is against God’s perfect plan and will for their life. I only share my articles to demonstrate how God loves them and would like them to come to Him and EXCHANGE their lustful sin for a relationship with Jesus, have shown their true colors with their recent attack on Pastor Rick Warren [whose son committed suicide].

These are the same gay folks that call me unloving; hateful; homophobic; and some names I care not to repeat. When I say that the heart and soul of a homosexual are being held prisoner of their own sin, I only need this recent attack on Rick Warren’s family to prove my point.

Gays are so caught up in their sin that they are easy prey for the devil, when their vicious, cruel side comes out in attacking a man and his family when they are down and grieving. The militant side of the gay community has reared its hateful, ugly heads, and it just goes validate what the Bible says about sin. When a person is locked in an abominable sin, they are easy pickings for falling victim to other sins of the heart. And with this unnecessary attack on the Warren’s, their sinful side comes full circle.

It is the gay community which is bigoted. It is the gay community which is hateful. It is the gay community that is without compassion. Sure some will say they are merely striking back for years of Christian attacks on his or her lifestyle. However, let’s look at this as it is.

The church does not condemn or hatefully attack gays. We speak to gays with compassion, concern for their eternity, and of course, out of love regarding  how their sinful lifestyle has separated them from the God who created them for being His children. Our message is not one of the hate, rather it is a message or warning that if they continue to follow the current road, they are on, they will only reap judgement and God’s wrath. The church is not trying to tell the gays that they are despicable people. However, in fact, we preach that God loves them. His Son died for them, and that heaven can be theirs if they renounced this sin of flesh and lust and accept Jesus as Savior.

No hate coming from the church to the gay community. However, the vicious attacks by gays, today on the Warrens, it is vicious, over-the-top, and uncivil in every way. In fact, their words are hateful as well as hurtful, and this minority group within our society should be ashamed of the way their leaders have taken this time of loss and family grief to the place of being hurtful; hateful; and just downright “Ugly!”

If you want to see the TRUE side of the gay community, read the article from the following link -


* I am asking that the Christian community come together as a family and encircle the Warren family with prayers, warm thoughts, and love during this personal trial and tragedy. Your prayers will do so much to help them get through this loss, and to avoid the hurtful things being said by the gay community!


Pastor Paul

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