‘GCB': Season 1, Episode 5 – ‘Forbidden Fruit’

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GCB starts off the episode with Amanda driving to Bitsy’s funeral. When a bee flies in her open window, she freaks out and swats it. Which is when she promptly hits the car in front of her. She grabs her insurance card and gets out of the car. The very cute driver (Eric Winter) tells her to not freak out and gets out of the car. He’s wearing a shirt, and nothing else, as evidenced by the pixels. He steps into shorts and tells Amanda that she is not his first accident of the day. He spilled hot coffee all over himself and is trying to dry his pants by hanging them out the window. He checks Amanda’s license and tells her that he’ll contact her if the repairs are overly expensive. He drives off, unaware that his pants have fallen out the window. Amanda picks them and tries in vain to get his attention as he drives off.

LS006042At Bitsy’s funeral, Carlene is sobbing and then outraged when Cricket turns the funeral into an opportunity to show off her own vocal chops. Cricket adds more runs to Amazing Grace than seems possible, but at least she’s happy to finally be in the limelight. Carlene is less than thrilled.

Sharon is still working at the parsonage and doing a great job. Driving the pastor completely insane that is. It seems that she has a huge crush on him, and he doesn’t quite know what to do with her. Bozeman (Hartley Sawyer), Zach and Sharon’s son, has been sent home from boarding school. McKinney, their daughter, is super thrilled to have him back home and pulling attention from her. GCB seems determined to have the largest cast on evening prime time.

The pantsless man appears, and Carlene asks him where his pants are. Amanda tells them that she has them. Carlene demands to know what Amanda is doing with her baby brother’s pants!

Gigi is expressing her sympathy to Burl when he grabs her and kisses her. Gigi is horrified, but Burl tells that with as short a time as he might have left, he doesn’t want to waste a minute of it.

Carlene wants Amanda to leave her baby brother alone. Baby brother does not want to be left alone. He asks Amanda out, and she winds up taking him to Booby Licious which is when he realizes that Amanda is the one who outed Carlene about that. She’s his hero. Carlene is a little self-righteous and judgmental for his tastes it seems.

Carlene is engaged in her favorite hobby, spying on Amanda, when she sees fleeting glimpses of a red hood and what looks like a huntsman outfit. She calls Cricket in hysterics. Cricket tells her to do report the suspicious activity. And of course, it’s not Amanda and Luke the police find. It’s Gigi and Burl.

When Amanda and Luke get home from their date, after Luke and Burl leave, they both kind of squeal over how well it’s all going. Of course Carlene can’t allow that to continue. She and Cricket conference call Amanda to extort her into breaking up with Luke or they’ll ruin Gigi’s reputation by telling all of Dallas that she is hooking up with Burl.

Amanda tells Luke she doesn’t think they should see each other and let’s Gigi think that Luke has broken her heart. Gigi convinces her to come to the church benefit with her and Burl. What church benefit?

The one that Carlene and Cricket handed over to Heather to organize. They are pissy over the fact that Andrew (Tom Everett Scott) is even more successful than either of their husbands. Between them blocking her fundraising efforts and competing over who gets to perform at the benefit, Heather is at her wits’ end until Andrew gives her the number of a woman who sang at his 30th birthday. When Sheryl Crow sings at the benefit, Carlene and Cricket are fit to be tied. Unfortunately Heather’s obsession with out doing Carlene and Cricket makes Andrew rethink their relationship. He just got out of a marriage to a woman who was more interested in being Mrs. Remington than him.

Gigi catches on that something isn’t right with the Luke situation and gets the story out of Amanda. Then being Gigi, she grabs Burl, pulls him up on stage and shows the world, the important people of Dallas at any rate, and declares their relationship before planting one on a more than willing Burl.

While all this is going on, Zach tries to win Sharon back. The pastor sets him straight about what Sharon wants. Basically, she likes problem solvers. Zach sweeps Sharon off her feet by handling Bozeman. He is girl crazy and gets caught making out with Alexandra, Cricket’s daughter. Sharon is so impressed that she thoroughly grosses out the kids by dragging Zach to the bedroom.

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