Gender Bias and the Media

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I don’t know if you watch Hardball with Chris Matthews but today he made a remark which confirms something I have been suspecting for a long time: one of if not the primary reason he is so hard on Hillary Clinton is because he doesn’t think a woman should be President of the United States.


It came out when he was discussing what the candidates need to accomplish in tonight’s debate.  I don’t have the exact quote but I am sure about the part that I found revealing. In talking about one of the other candidate  he started off with something to the effect of, “ He needs to stand up there and show voters….”. That was followed by “he is the best man…..”  The last part is the part I am sure about.


He could have said “person” or “candidate” but instead he said “man”, even if it was slip of the tongue it was a revealing one. He set a standard that one of the candidates could not possibly meet, even if she was the best candidate.


Have you seen or read things that makes you think the media may have a problem with gender bias?

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