Gene Simmons Gets Fired!

Okay, I know I'm the only person in America watching the "Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC. But I must share with all of you the good news: Gene Simmons (yes, the KISS guy) was fired by the Donald this week. I think the Donald was infuriated at finding someone actually as arrogant as himself! Even after the task (selling Kodak printers) was complete and his team lost, he refused to admit he had lost. He just said the clients were wrong.

Does anyone really think he's sexy today? He carries himself like he is a sex symbol. I don't find him appealing at all.

Just FYI, most of the other candidates are either rising stars or fading…no one really big. Stephen Baldwin is one of the contestants, so brother Alec stopped by in this week's episode to buy a few printers. Nadio Commenci (I hope I've spelled that correctly) was fired last week. I know most of you don't remember her, but she's the little pixie gymnast that captured America's heart in the 1976 Olympics.  The first week, I didn't know the girl that was fired. She was a former playmate of the year. The teams were charged with selling hot dogs for charity. She did not call Hugh Hefner and ask him to buy one. Of course, the Donald thought he would have bought one for a $1 million. 

I don't like this format very much and I'm not sure if I'll keep watching it. The celebrities' tasks are fairly minimal and most of their success relies on the fact that they are celebrities. This was one of my favorite shows when it was the regular apprentice. I enjoyed the competition and seeing how the contestants developed and used their different experiences and knowledge. Of course, like I said earlier, I'm the only fan of The Apprentice left in America. Oh well…. 

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