Gene Simmons Hospitalized at Centinela Hospital on Sunday

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Gene Simmons was hospitalized at Centinela Hospital after he fainted on Sunday. Apparently, Gene Simmons was hospitalized because he hit his head whilst fainting at Los Angeles Airport!

Gene Simmons Kiss Signed Autographed Reprint PhotoReports are out that Gene Simmons fainted and was hospitalized immediately but tests showed that the 61-year-old rocker was only dehydrated. Gene Simmons’ stayed at the Centinela Hospital for one night and was released the following day.

Perhaps it’s time for Gene Simmons to put away the hard core working and just drink some water. To be hospitalized because of dehydration is pretty pitiful. Too much work and not enough hydrating is not a good combo as Gene Simmons realized.

Anyways, Gene Simmons should really take things slower in his older age. Gene is already famous so it’s unnecessary for him to continue to roam around promoting his celebrity status. Seriously, if Simmons keeps up his hectic schedule, who knows what he’ll be hospitalized for next?

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