‘General Hospital’ Gets Laura Back As Genie Francis Returns Home

General Hospital has gotten nostalgic recently, bringing back many of the show’s most popular characters. The latest to return to the fold is none other than the prettier half of the Luke and Laura team — Genie Francis. Maybe she’ll be the one to help find and rescue Luke who shows up this week in a telephone call to Anna looking bruised and battered.

Luke had been having a thing with the police commissioner until she found out how he got her ex, Robert Scorpio, out-of-town. That drove a wedge between the budding couple. Since then, both Robert and another of Anna’s old flames — Duke Lavery — have returned. Chances seem good that one or both of them will also vie for the commissioner’s affections. That could leave Luke out in the cold.

However, the powers at GH aren’t talking about the story line that brings Laura back to Port Charles. Perhaps she returns to lend support to her daughter, Lulu, who has been struggling to have a baby. While her best friend Maxie stepped up as a surrogate and got pregnant just before Christmas, she lost the baby a week later on New Year’s Eve. Coincidentally, that’s the same night she had sex with her former boyfriend, Damien Spinelli. If he managed to impregnate her, then her womb wouldn’t be available to Lulu and Dante for quite some time. That kind of monkey wrench in the machinery could throw Laura’s baby girl right over the edge.

What could be cool is if Laura volunteered to be her daughter’s surrogate. Precedence has been set for such a thing. A real life mother thought beyond childbearing years managed to carry her own grandchild to term with a little help from science. That could make for a remarkable and compelling story that would keep GH fans on the edge of their seats.

There’s no news, however, if Laura is fully cured from the catatonic state that kept her closed off from the world for so many years. She might just be in momentary remission. Fans will have to wait to get an answer about that. However, one thing is certain. They’ll take Genie Francis anyway they can get her, for as long as they can get her; especially if it means a Luke and Laura reunion.

Just why General Hospital is returning to its roots, no one seems to know. It could be a last ditch effort to save the only remaining ABC soap. If so, fans hope that it works because they aren’t ready to turn loose of the citizens of Port Charles; now or ever.

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