‘General Hospital’s’ Maurice Bernard Loses Son’s Treasures in House Fire

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General Hospital star Maurice Bernard is feeling bad these days. That’s because his son lost some of his most treasured possessions in a recent house fire.

It may seem like no big deal to grown ups, but kids take their relationships with their “best friends” very seriously. It doesn’t really matter if those friends are real or of the stuffed variety. A friend is a friend and Bernard’s son lost most of his to smoke inhalation.

According to the fire department, the small house blaze started after some one left a wet towel on top of a light fixture in the bathroom. Moisture got into the wiring and jump-started the fire. While no humans were hurt in the accident, more than a few of the little boy’s friends were deemed “no longer safe to play with.” That means he had to say goodbye to them.

Sure, dad can afford to buy the kid some new toys, but that really isn’t the point. New friends can help fill the void but they can’t take the place of the old ones.

The good news is the house is still standing, Maurice and son are still fine and there’s surely a toy store nearby. Maybe some of Bernard’s General Hospital pals will even help with the replacements.

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