Genre Shorties Prompt — Week 77 The Breast Stroke!

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Welcome to week 77!

I have an eeeeasy prompt for you (if you can believe that, and I’m not saying you should) (and by the way I have a couple of suggestions in reserve for future weeks, thanks to those who have sent them along).

Please write 100 words about having to write 100 words.

You may, or may not, consider using some of these suggested words:

ridiculous / impossible / mental / frosting / algebra / slinky



“It’s ridiculous for you to write a hundred words on what it’s like to write a hundred words.” Kenny The Carp told me.

“Yet hardly impossible, Ken” I replied. “It’s all in good fun, too.”

“That Kay is mental, and her sidekick? That slinky Fabre woman? With that mound she keeps hidden, that’s just frosting on the cake. There could be bodies in there.”

“Got a question for you, Pisces, “ Lightfoot mused, “how does the scum you date hold up their front ends?”

“What?” Kenny fumed, “in the name of Neptune are you babbling about, you leprous marsupial?”


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