Genre Shorties – week 124 – Tombstone quiet

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The following story was written in response to the following prompt for the Genre Shorties group:

write me a Western horror story. Yes: a horror story set in the old West.

Optionalwords: green, hay, floozy

Your story may be serious or lighthearted or as silly as you like so long as it is 100 or fewer words.

It was so quiet you could hear tumbleweeds roll by. Tombstone quiet. All eyes were on the man best known to the crowd as the renegade cowboy with a deadly aim whose voice now echoed through the hall as he challenged an unseen foe.

“Psst. Clint. Who you talkin’ to?” whispered someone.

Clint grinned the easy smile of someone who thinks they’re in on the joke. Slowly he turned. “I tell you he was sittin’ right there.” His grin slid away faster than a gunman clearin’ leather. He stared at the empty chair. The empty, haunted chair.

(cue terrifying music)

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