Geoff McBride and Sera Hill’s Battle of Power on ‘The Voice’

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Team Christina led the battle round on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ last night with two of her most powerful vocalists. The 51-year-old Geoff McBride went up against front desk hotel clerk Sera Hill singing “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. Christina encouraged both performers to take the spotlight and own it.

Lionel Ritchie who was mentoring McBride was immediately blown away by his powerful voice but encouraged the singer to give him some more personality. Ritchie wanted to see the swagger. In the meantime, Jewel advised Sera to continue bringing the emotion since she’s going up against such a powerful voice. Sera is willing to work for this since she’s not too thrilled at the thoughts of returning to the hotel to check people in. She mentioned at one point, she was relying on the diva within her and somehow, that was a good strategy for her.

Once out of the rehearsal phase, the two prepared to take to the stage for what might have been the fight of their careers. McBride feels at the age of 51, this might just be his last professional opportunity but he didn’t let that get to him. He mentioned he was not feeling intimidated at all. Hill believed the song choice would showcase all her elements and, as Christina Aguilera put it, this was one great match.

The two took to the musical boxing ring to perform and Sera wore a strapless white top that must have helped her connect with her ‘inner diva’. She managed to nail most of her high notes while Geoff took the lower harmonies for their musical number. After an impressive performance, Christina had one tough choice to make, but first, the other judges weighed in.

Both Adam and Cee Lo felt that Geoff was the winner of the battle but Blake went with Sera. When it came down to Christina, she said she loved both performers and loved the growth she’s seen from both during their rehearsal sessions but mentioned she had to go with her gut on this one. In the end, Christina chose Sera. A gracious Geoff thanked Christina for this chance and thanked the crowd. He also mentioned that for the first time in his 51 years, his mother and brother were both in the audience to see his performance.

Take a look at this NBC video to review the performances of the 51-year-old vs. the hotel receptionist.

Stay tuned to NBC’s ‘The Voice’ for next week’s elimination rounds and share your favorites in the comments section below.

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