George Bush Admits Failure

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George Bush finally admitted failure, but not about what many would think. Former President Bush believes his biggest failure was on Social Security reform. Bush wanted to implement a semi-private plan that allowed the younger generation of tax payers to put part of their social security taxes in the stock market through stocks and bonds. This would allow the tax payer to control their own retirement account, good or bad. Since the stock market crash, most Republicans have denounced this privatization plan because many soon to be retirees would have lost up to 40 percent of their retirement following the Bush plan. Luckily for Bush, his social security reform never even came to the Congress floor for a vote- one less thing he is accountable for during his Presidency.

The fact that George Bush finally admitted he made a mistake, whether or not it was the smallest and least noticed mistake of his time in office, is a huge step towards healing this country of all the denials we have heard the past 10 years from the Oval Office.

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