George Clooney Alec Baldwin Oscars feud 2010 – real or joke?

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If you witnessed last night’s presentation of the Academy Awards, there was an interesting confrontational joke going on between host Alec Baldwin and actor George Clooney.  The George Clooney Alec Baldwin Oscars feud has many speculating over whether there is really any bad blood between George and Alec.  So what exactly is going on between these two Hollywood actors?

The bits in questions which appeared to be jokes on stage showed Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin saying “hey look there’s George Clooney”.  Baldwin stared down Clooney in the audience but for a reason unknown to many.  It got a chuckle out of the audience though, which consisted of many of Hollywood’s brightest stars.  Moments later, there was another joke said but it didn’t mention Clooney by name.  Instead, Baldwin did the staring once again.  Seated next to his gorgeous girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, Clooney stared back without cracking a smile.

According to’s recent story, Clooney was perfectly fine and there was no sort of grudge going on:

“He was in a fine mood,” a source said. “Before the show he was basically the only actor to go to the area where fans are corralled, he walked the carpet with (girlfriend) Elisabetta (Canalis) in a totally fine mood, he went to his seat and watched the show, end of story.”

And Clooney’s rep Stan Rosenfield insisted all was well, saying the star “was fine, just under the weather … happens,” Rosenfield said, adding that Clooney’s grimaces during co-host Alec Baldwin’s opening monologue were part of a planned back and forth between the two. (

Many viewers are still in some sort of belief that there is a George Clooney Alec Baldwin Oscars feud going on.  There hasn’t been any reported controversy or slights between the fellow actors, however maybe Baldwin holds a grudge since Clooney is considered one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood.  Stay tuned if this story unfolds, but for now it appears it was all a part of the show.

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