George Clooney Called Mom from Jail

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George Clooney was arrested on Friday, and like any other “criminal,” the actor was allowed one phone call. He chose to call his mother—ah, how proud she must have been.

Clooney was taken into File:Fcad2.jpgcustody along with his father, Nick, after a civil disobedience protest. It makes sense that George would choose to call his mom (which has been confirmed by Rumor Fix) since both he and his dad were in the slammer and he probably didn’t want her to worry after reading about it or hearing it on the news.

People were shocked to hear that George had been arrested while protesting in Washington D.C. While he has been rather active in political protests and he has had a voice when it comes to things that he doesn’t believe are right, no one expected him to get cuffed and to be thrown in the back of a police car! At least George Clooney did the right thing by calling his mom, right?

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