George Clooney: Elisabetta Canalis Text Rumor Not True

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After rumors sprung up about a quarrel involving George Clooney, his ex Elisabetta Canalis, and his current girlfriend Stacy Keibler, America’s favorite bachelor finally decided enough was enough. It was time to squash some rumors and save some reputations!

In a recent issue of Us Weekly, the magazine claims that Elisabetta sent George a bunch of nasty text messages after learning he was dating the former WWE entertainer. (Ladies–you can relate, right? Who hasn’t been a little rash from time to time following a breakup? And who could blame her for taking the less-than-classy route out after learning her ex-Hollywood leading man was dating a less-than-classy TV personality?)

But despite it being an action that a star-crossed lover might take, George Clooney insists that DWTS‘ Elisabetta Canalis did no such thing. He went to TMZ to set the record straight, telling them the it was all, “completely fabricated in order to sell magazine. I never comment on my personal life unless it affects others…and this lie affects others.”

Kudos to Clooney for being a gentleman and clearing up the name of someone he once shared a romantic connection with! He certainly didn’t have to–but it shows that even though his heart no longer beats for Elisabetta, he still has a soul.

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