George Clooney Goes to Bat for Southern Sudan

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George Clooney, once voted the “Sexiest Man Alive,” has spent time recently in Southern Sudan in an attempt to draw attention to the country’s wish for independence.

According to MSN, Clooney was seen unshaven and dressed as though going on a safari as he works toward helping the tiny nation avoid “a backslide toward war.” He has already had two meetings with President Obama regarding Sudan.

George Clooney is just one of several well known stars who are dedicating their time and money by being a presence amidst less-than-favorable conditions in order to help the people there. Sean Penn has pretty much taken up residence in Haiti since the earthquake struck there over a year ago.

What George Clooney is actually accomplishing through his efforts is keeping the issue about Southern Sudan’s independence in the media. And that is done through his notoriety and his connections to the media. Clooney explains that since his dad worked as a newsman, he understands the number of lives that can change as a result of good reporting. And who wouldn’t want to report on something that George Clooney is doing?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to observe Clooney in action in Sudan? Very few people there understand his draw on the American public, and therefore he is simply a man doing good work for their country. Those who have seen Clooney in Sudan claim he is simply a humble man trying his very best to do a good thing.

Perhaps if George Clooney is instrumental in Southern Sudan achieving its independence, then even more celebrities will donate their time and money to help those who are less fortunate to accomplish great things.

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