George Clooney Offers a “Carousel of Hope”

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George Clooney is known for his humanitarian causes. One of his favorites is the fight to eradicate diabetes. His efforts for that one, recently garnered the actor some attention.

George and his lovely lady, Stacy Keibler, turned up at the Carousel of Hope Ball his weekend in beautiful Beverly Hills. However, the couple wasn’t just there for fun. George was getting recognized for all of his humanitarian work. He received the Brass Ring Award.

There were plenty of stars in attendance at the ball including Shirley MacLaine, Jane Fonda and Joan Collins. They represented the old guard of Hollywood. However, there were plenty of hip, younger stars too, like Jennie Garth, Julianne Hough and Kenneth Edmonds. Jay Leno was there as well. He served as the master of ceremonies.

So far, the Carousel of Hope Ball has managed to gain about $75 million towards a diabetes cure and they aren’t planning to stop there. With a little luck, the ball will keep going until a cure is found and it’s no longer needed. Chances are George Clooney will stick around too. He’s nothing if not persistent.

Love or hate Tinsel Town stars, they often throw their weight behind one great causes and, these days, Clooney often leads the charge. It’s an admirable trait. At least the handsome actor dedicates his time to the things in which he truly believes.

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