George Clooney Raising Record $12 Million for President Obama’s Campaign

When it comes to Hollywood clout, George Clooney has plenty of it. He’s ready to use his power to make certain President Barack Obama gets another four years in office. In fact, projections are he’ll gather a record-making $12 million for the president’s re-election campaign.

Right or wrong, George always puts his actions, and his money, behind the causes he supports. One of those is gaining another four years for America’s sitting president. To that end, gorgeous George is planning a massive party for the Commander-in-Chief as well as an online push for donations from Tinsel Town celebrities.

The May 10th dinner, which is being held in George’s Studio City home, should bring in about $6 million according to the latest calculations. That’s 150 seats at $40,000 a pop. George Clooney thinks he can match or surpass that amount with online donations. Can he?

Probably so. Not everyone can attend the big Obama event. Ticket demands for the dinner were so enormous, they established a cut-off point. Reportedly, only people living in Southern California could apply to have dinner with the handsome Hollywood heart-throb and the world’s most powerful leader. However, the rest can still throw a few dollars behind the man they helped get elected four years ago. The stars will turn in large sums of cash to make sure their ultra-liberal ways continue.

Tinsel Town will go to any lengths to get Obama re-elected. While they obviously care about the very rich and ultra poor, they seem to have little regard for the middle class. As far as they’re concerned, people who work for a living should get punished for it. It’s arrogant, it’s thoughtless, but it’s Hollywood.

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