George Clooney Says Release of Demi Moore 911 Tape ‘Stupid’

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George Clooney has no problem speaking his mind and he is quite upset the media has splashed Demi Moore’s 911 call all over the internet and television. His outrage is not solely based on Demi’s celebrity status. He thinks everybody is due some sort of privacy.

George spoke with The Insider about Demi’s health status, but he kept his opinion about the situation to himself. As far as the release of the tape, he was not so closed lipped. He gets a little irritated and says, “I think it’s a stupid thing. I think it’s stupid for anyone, whether they’re celebrated or not.” The tapes are deemed public, but certain things are removed to protect a patient’s health rights. Everything else is free for the public to hear.

Some people are angry Demi’s tape was so heavily edited. Does it really matter how she ended up in convulsions? As a celebrity, Demi’s habits and actions are closely followed and frequently mimicked. If she was involved in a dangerous activity, should it be broadcasted? Imagine a teen saying, “Demi Moore did it,” and participating in the same behavior.

George makes a very good point. Who really wants their medical problems blasted all around the world for everybody to hear and speculate on? The popularity and high demand of the tape do not speak well of society’s mind set. Is it really anybody’s business to know what happened? Human nature can be blamed for some of the interest, but a great deal of it can be chalked up to plain old voyeurism.

The actor makes another valid point, “It’s not just about people here, it’s about everybody. There won’t be any version of privacy.” Anybody, including you, may soon find themselves in the same shoes. George Clooney makes a dire prediction about privacy and the internet, “It’s going to be a tricky thing.” It is a little morbid to get excited to hear another person’s personal, potentially life-threatening struggles.

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