George Clooney to Host Fancy Dinner Party, Will You Be Attending?

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George Clooney will soon be hosting a very fancy dinner party at his home in Los Angeles–and you can go, too. Of course you’ll have to pay the $40,000 per plate cost of attending. What on earth is Clooney serving? Is he offering himself up on each plate for his guests to devour?

According to a report from the Huffington Post, hang up the phones, ladies. Those of you rushing to call your banks to see if your credit lines can justify a $40k loan need to stop and make sure you support the real reason George is holding this expensive bash. It’s a huge fundraiser for President Barack Obama, to help pay for his re-election campaign.

At $40k per person, and an expected 150 attendees, President Obama stands to gain a cool $6 million from Clooney’s posh event.

“I’m proud to do whatever I can to support the President,” George Clooney says. “As long as no one asks me to sing.”

Oh, it’s pretty likely that the female guests would love to have just a few minutes alone with the star of The Descendents far more than they’d want to hear him sing. And they might even throw a few extra bucks in the president’s direction if George would grant them that exclusive privilege.

Are you surprised to hear of George Clooney’s generous gesture for President Obama? He has long supported him, and even though he pressured him at the White House in March over the crisis in Sudan (just before he was arrested for protesting) he President Obama still has the actor’s complete support.

Would you pay $40k to dine at George’s home and to support President Obama? Do you think Stacey Keibler–Clooney’s current lady–will have to pay up in order to join the prestigious affair?

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