George Clooney’s Ex Dating a ‘Jackass?’

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Is George Clooney’s ex, Elisabetta Canalis, dating a Jackass? Rumor has it that she and Jackass star Steve-O are in fact a pretty hot item. Wow, from Clooney to Steve-O, now there’s a drastic change.

According to a report from Celebuzz, the two have been spotted together frequently in the past few months, and this weekend they were even seen at the same hair salon—together. Now if that isn’t proof that something is going on, what is?George Clooney

What do you suppose such a beautiful woman like Elisabette Canalis sees in the danger-happy Jackass star? Certainly she wanted more than Clooney was willing to give—as in a marriage and a family—but Steve-O? Really?

When the two were spotted this weekend leaving the West Hollywood hair salon, they headed directly for Steve-O’s car. Upon unlocking the door, they were asked by someone nearby if they were in fact an item. Neither Canalis nor Steve-O answered in reply.

So what do you think about all this? Was George such a dependable, older, and very grounded actor that Elisabetta Canalis felt the need to surround herself with ridiculousness and danger? What is it she finds in Steve-O that she never found in George?

steve-oThis question must seem like an absolute no-brainer to most people. Steve-O? George Clooney? Is there even any comparison between the two?

The star of The Descendents hasn’t been quoted as weighing in on this topic, but wouldn’t it be fun to hear what he’d have to say if he did? Are you surprised that someone who once dated George Clooney—and for a long time, too—is now dating the Jackass star?

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