George Obama – Barack’s Half-Brother Arrested for Marijuana

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Yep, you heard it right: George Obama was arrested for marijuana possession in Kenya. And I can already hear Rush Limbaugh gearing up with glee and gusto (I know that was a pretty pointless sentence, but I wanted the alliteration).

George Obama is denying the charges, but really who cares: He either had it or he didn't. But either way, how does that affect us as Americans? It's true he is the president's half-brother, the same president that was pretty up front in his book about his cocaine use. So is there a connection between the family and drug use?

Barack said in his book he met George Obama once in Kenya and it was a pretty sad affair. But you know what, I have plenty of friends who use marijuana and I think it's pretty much blown out of proportion. I mean, what do you get up to when you're high? Don't know about you, but I just sit around and talk about all the stuff I'd do to change the world for the better. If I wasn't high that is.

So I say cut George Obama some slack. It can't be easy living in the slums of Kenya, and if a little marijuana makes life easier, then I say let him have it. And having Barack as a half-brother can't be easy. I mean, my brother's a banker and my parents are always asking why I can't be more like him. Imagine having a brother who's the leader of the free world?

Man, that just makes me want to light up…



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