George P. Bush, the Hispanic Republican

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That’s right, George Bush number two! George P. Bush, son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and nephew of that George Bush. The 36-year-old “P” Bush filed papers with the Texas Ethics Commission for a campaign finance treasurer. He has not revealed which political office he seeks but rumor has it he’s looking at Land Commissioner or Comptroller. He’s not going to challenge Rick Perry this upcoming 2014 election, but look out Perry. It won’t be long.

The “P” Bush has a Mexican mother and a historically political family with nearly unlimited monetary connections. Seems there’s always another Bush in line for some political office.

He is also co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and St. Augustine Partners, an oil and gas consulting company. St. Augustine has a website that consists of only the company logo, address, and an email link. The owner of the site is private, listed as “Domains By Proxy”, a company that protects the identity of the owner of a website through the “whois” search. The site was created on November 9, 2011. It seems little George P. hasn’t been in business that long.

New York Magazine refers to him as the savior of the GOP that has “horrendous performance among Hispanics, the fastest growing slice of the electorate.”

Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri said on Inside Texas Politics, “It is an advantage that he’s a Hispanic.”

Is that all that’s needed to makeover the Republican party? The Bush name and a Hispanic face?

What a pathetic attempt to connect with Mexican-Americans. Some rich kid from the Bush dynasty who happens to have a Hispanic mother does not make him qualified to connect to any average American let alone someone who might have crossed the border illegally with his parents and seeks a pathway to citizenship as an adult.

Are Republican voters that naive? George P. Bush is counting on it.

Image Source: New York Magazine

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