George Zimmerman Attempts to Use ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ as Excuse for Killing

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Trayvon Martin’s killer is still free, but George Zimmerman is doing everything he can to draw sympathy, including the claim that he has shaken baby syndrome. The man who, for all intents and purposes, hunted down a skinny 17-year-old kid, terrorized him, and shot him in cold blood, is preparing this lame excuse prior to heading before a grand jury.

Zimmerman’s hired another lawyer, who has come up with this latest excuse as a reason for Trayvon’s killing. Attorney Hal Uhrig will argue that during the scuffle, Zimmerman hit his head and suffered the equivalent damage a baby might suffer if shaken too hard.

Really? Do Uhrig and Zimmerman really expect sane, reasonable adults to believe this? It’s especially insulting to Martin’s parents, and to anyone with a brain due to the simple fact that Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time Zimmerman attacked him. She has stated repeatedly that Trayvon feared for his life, and that he wanted to just get away from the creep who was stalking him in his truck.

Zimmerman claimed he hit his head and was bleeding. He claimed there was blood on his shirt. In the police station video that’s been circulating the internet for the last several weeks, the man who snuffed out the life of a` young black man showed no signs of any head injury, nor was there blood on his clothing. He had no problems walking and didn’t seem physically incapacitated at all. In fact, Zimmerman looked just fine.

Zimmerman’s father, Robert, is a retired magistrate judge. He’s gotten his son out of trouble on multiple occasions. Zimmerman senior has also tried to paint his son as a poor, Spanish-speaking Hispanic, neglecting the fact that his son also has his own Jewish, white heritage.

Funny thing about this case is that the lead investigator, Chris Serino, wanted to press charges against George Zimmerman immediately, as he fully believed that he’d commited murder. Inexplicably, or perhaps due to Robert Zimmerman’s influence, he was ordered not to do so by state attorney’s office, which is headed by Norman Wolfinger. It might be too little too late, but Wolfinger has removed himself from the case.

Since Trayvon’s murder, it appears that other hate crimes are happening more. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, two men were arrested this morning for going around the city’s black neighborhoods and opening fire, killing several black victims. In southern California, a Muslim woman was murdered with a tire iron; a note was left next to her body, saying, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” In Pasadena, California, a 19-year-old black teen by the name of Kendrec McDade was shot by a police officer because his hands were too close to his waistband. The police were investigating a robbery, and in their infinite wisdom, decided that Kendrec’s hands being close to his waistband automatically meant he was a threat. No one really knows if this story is true because the police have gotten into the habit of being a little too trigger happy in recent years.

George Zimmerman’s tactic to garner sympathy by claiming his injury was so great that he endured shaken baby syndrome is laughable at best. At worst, it is deplorable and sickening. Zimmerman clearly obsessed about Trayvon, he followed the young man, got out of his vehicle and confronted him for no reason. Now, a young man is dead, and his parents are fighting for justice.

When will the madness end?

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