George Zimmerman may have destroyed evidence against him

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George Zimmerman doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble — that’s for certain — but this time things are serious. Contrary to what some in the media are reporting, Shellie Zimmerman didn’t “decide not to press charges” against her estranged husband. That’s because that is not how Florida law works. For the time being, investigators will be looking into the case to decide on whether or not Zimmerman will face charges — and guess what: He may face, at the least, destruction of evidence.

The iPad that Shellie Zimmerman claimed was destroyed by George during their domestic dispute may hold evidence of his violence against her and her father. It could also show evidence that he had a gun — even though Shellie changed her story after everyone had calmed down, claiming that she did not see a gun. At the least, Zimmerman should face charges for destruction of personal property, but if there is evidence against him on the iPad, he will face more severe charges than that.

Zimmy’s blind supporters have taken to badmouthing his estranged wife, bringing up the fact that she admitted to lying during his recent murder trial. But it seems that they forget the fact that she was “standing by her man,” and that her lie was done in order to protect their child shooting hero. She likely lied to protect him, not out of only protecting him, but possibly out of fear. These same types also seem to forget that if she had not lied for him, that this would have been even less in his favor during the trial. It may have ended differently (as in a conviction) had she not protected her husband.

She also faced responsibility for her actions, and then promptly filed for divorce. To treat her like the whole domestic dispute didn’t happen simply because she lied for Zimmerman is just ridiculous, and pretty ignorant. She sounded genuinely scared on the 911 call, and just because she didn’t specifically see a gun doesn’t mean that the fear of being shot by her gun toting husband wasn’t in her head. He has, after all, shot someone to death before.

Here’s to hoping some kind of evidence can be retrieved on the iPad and some kind of justice can be served in Florida for once. Though, it would be dishonest to say that there isn’t much hope in that outcome. In the meantime, Shellie Zimmerman needs to do what she can to stay safe and make sure that her husband truly doesn’t decide to shoot her like he did Trayvon. It doesn’t take much in the state of Florida to claim self defense — especially when you’re armed with the ground beneath your feet (and nothing more).

Watch the video below of Zimmerman being detained by officers during his recent domestic dispute:

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