George Zimmerman Said to Be in Custody; Is Justice on Its Way?

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Earlier today it was reported that George Zimmerman will be charged in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. It has been nearly two months since the tragic incident, and still no justice has been served. Today, the case has taken a turn, because not only are Zimmerman’s whereabouts known, but he has also turned himself in to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Maybe now Trayvon’s family, and millions of others involved in the story, will see some progress towards justice.

On February 26th, Martin was walking home in his father’s gated community when he was shot and killed by Zimmerman, in a claim of self-defence. Martin was carrying a bag of skittles, iced tea, and his cellphone; he was not armed. Since the teenager was killed there has been investigation into the events of that night, yet Zimmerman remained a free man–until today.

Rally for Trayvon Martin at the University of MinnesotaZimmerman is now in custody, according to CNN legal analyst Mark NeJame. He also has a new lawyer, Mark O’Mara, because his former lawyers abandoned the case after they lost contact with him. NeJame stated that before he turned himself in Zimmerman was “out of the state of Florida, as I understand it, for his safety.” Most likely because many people were very upset that George Zimmerman had not been arrested for Trayvon Martin’s death, and his life was potentially at risk. For a good reason? Many might say yes. It seems that Zimmerman could have prevented the confrontation in the first place, but he chose not to, and now millions have their attention on him.

Zimmerman will be charged with 2nd-degree murder, and many believe that the verdict in the case should be “Guilty as charged.” Others may believe that a 2nd-degree murder charge might not be enough. How would you feel about the shooting if it had been your 17-year-old?

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