George Zimmerman’s Brother: Trayvon Martin Skeletons Coming Out in Civil Trial

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George Zimmerman’s brother is trying to warn Trayvon Martin’s family about the additional pain and suffering they could go through if they try to bring a wrongful death civil suit against his acquitted brother.

As of July 30, many people in the country still labor under the illusion of the images painted of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman on the night Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, an unarmed teen from Miami. For example, erroneous reporting about the 911 call led many to believe that Zimmerman racially profiled the teen when NBC News later admitted the tape was aired out of context when it was reconfigured due to cutting and splicing the media tool, prompting a legal suit by the accused in the murder case.

Likewise, a judge ruled that information about Martin’s fighting tendencies–just days before the fight with Zimmerman–could not be revealed to the jury during the Seminole County murder trial. And Judge Debra Nelson also ruled that photos of the dead teen holding guns and appearing to exhale smoke could not be used either. School expulsions for alleged wrongdoing were absent from the court, too, and the media largely ignored derogatory reporting about Sybrina Fulton’s son.

The respect shown the victim was good in the sense that too many crime victims are revictimized after a crime by defense attorneys seeking to get off guilty clients. And Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, was not allowed to do that to the memory of Martin. Yet the jury found in favor of the defendant anyway because the law showed he was not guilty of premeditated murder–or racial profiling.

A civil court, however, will allow the victim in addition to the accused to be presented in their entirety, factually. And that means the truth about Trayvon Martin’s past will come back to haunt his mother and family if they move forward with this case. So George Zimmerman’s brother is merely stating the obvious rather than trying to threaten the Martin family from moving forward. After all, they surely don’t want the school where Trayvon attended to enlighten the country about how their son was expelled from school due to his antagonist behavior to authorities and his alleged criminal activities on the premises. And they don’t want media reporting about his fighting tendencies, and how he felt he was good at it. Do they?

The Martin family can continue to enjoy the blind support of many in the African American community and elsewhere if they let this sleeping dog lie, but if they take Zimmerman to civil court in a wrongful death lawsuit then the gloves will come off. And no parent wants their child remembered for the things they did wrong. Nor do they want the world to know their child might have egged on the fatal blow that was dealt them either. And that’s why Zimmerman’s brother seems to think they will not pursue a lawsuit against his brother, according to the Huffington Post, telling the media outlet that “things that might not be flattering to Trayvon or his family” would come out.

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