Georgetown Hoyas Beat Syracuse in Big East Tournament 2010 Bracket –March Madness! Georgetown Advances On!

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The Big East 2010 Tournament unleashed the much anticipated Quarterfinals matchup, with the Georgetown Hoyas pulling off the first win against the #1 seed, Syracuse. The Hoyas advance to the Semifinals with a 91-84 lead, shooting 69% in the second half. Earlier in the game, Syracuse led the first half with a short 40-37 lead, but the sloppiness was not undetected. At the time, Georgetown was doing even worse; every time Orange handed them the ball, they were sure to miss each opportunity to get ahead. The last 15 was Georgetown’s time to shine, and good game play allowed them to successfully take down their biggest opponent.  

Syracuse has not lost back to back games all year until now; in addition, they had previously beat the Hoyas twice earlier in the season. Forward Wes Johnson, named the Big East’s Player of the Year 2010, gave a healthy fight leading Orange with 24 points. Syracuse senior Center Arinze Onuaku was taken out by what appeared to be a knee injury with 5 minutes remaining, dampering hopes of Orange getting ahead.

Hoyas Chris Wright was today’s superstar, scoring 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists. Center Greg Monroe should also be recognized for playing great defense in the second half, helping to secure their victory. Georgetown plays again this Friday night, at 7 pm EST, against the winner of this afternoon’s game: Villanova or Marquette. Time will tell!

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